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  • adults >= 65 years of age comprise 13% of the population, account for 36% of hospitalizations, & 50% of hospital costs
  • hospitalized elderly with lower risk of mortality (11.1% vs 11.5%) when treated by female internist rather than male internist[20]
  • older patients triaged in the emergency department as less urgent or not urgent, are much more likely than younger patients to be admitted at the initial presentation (5% vs 0.6%) or over the next 14 days (4% vs. 0.7%)
    • the oldest patients (>85 years) were most likely to be admitted (9% vs 2% of those aged 65-74 years)[27]
  • older patients spending the night in the emergency department waiting for admission to a hospital ward are increased risk of morbidity & mortality[41]



hypertension in hospitalized patients

communication with outpatient physician(s)


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