cosyntropin (ACTH, Cortrosyn) stimulation test (delta cortisol test)

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  • unnecessary when when AM serum cortisole is < 3 ug/dL



  • a normal response is a stimulated cortisol of > 18-20 ug/dL
  • this test detects both primary & secondary adrenal failure except within a few weeks of onset of pituitary dysfunction
  • in an ICU setting, diagnosis of adrenal insufficiency[5]
    • ruled in
      • baseline serum cortisol < 10 ug/dL
      • increase of < 9 ug/dL after adrenal stimulation
    • ruled out
      • stimulated cortisol to > 44 ug/dL
      • increase of serum cortisol > 17 ug/dL after stimulation
    • other values indeterminant
Chronic low-dose steroids suppressive response to some degree
agent baseline cortisol cortisol 60 min post ACTH
placebo 12.6 ug/dL 28.6 ug/dL
budesonide 3 mg QD 12.4 ug/dL 23.4 ug/dL
budesonide 9 mg QD 10.4 ug/dL 19.8 ug/dL
prednisolone 7.5 mg QD 9.1 ug//dL 18.5 ug/dL
  • peak serum aldosterone levels < 4 ng/mL suggest primary adrenal insufficiency


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